Digital Organ | Types

The world is changing so fast that the life is becoming digital day by day and everything is changing with time this change also affected the musical instrument but this change made them easy and quite understandable. There is one musical instrument like digital organ that is associated with churches, which make them distinguished, and it is distinguished organs have been in the churches for over centuries and are all most 10 centuries old but there is a huge difference in old organs and latest organs you would be able to move the old organs even a single meter alone you might need heavy machinery due to the size of it but nowadays  the most convenient organs are available in the market that you can even carry them anywhere  holding them in your hands, digital organs made life much easy and comfortable.

How does a digital organ work as the old organs have pipes and all that complicated mechanism of sound projection? Well thanks to an integrated circuit which enables one more new thing in this musical instrument. Well, the digital organs are not new it has been around since 1970s but now they are more compact.

A digital organ has virtual pipes installed in it, which are done using MIDI, these are saved in a computer and are the sample of original pipes, DSP is used in digital organ to deliver the sound samples or produce sounds through a processor hardware installed inside of a console.

The polyphony of digital organ is much higher than the large size organs; it can have pipes per pc, up to 40,000. One kind of all the pipes installed in the organ. It also provides some more like modeling effects, including the noise from the mechanical part also provides the fluctuations of the wind.

Digital organ also provides monitors and more advanced digital organs have monitors with touch screens and you can choose the controllers too; these controllers enable you to get the hold of the console which has a virtual organ. User can use the stops for controlling and couplers, etc. with the basic form. You can buy a digital console with virtual organ on cheap rates as compared to the traditional wooden console.

The most important feature of a digital organ is that you can add stereo, or you can also add multiple audio outlets with channels, it also provides you the natural acoustic pipe realism. For example, some of the virtual organs have a pedal division ranging between 16 and 32 feet. Then you need an arrangement of a subwoofer to reproduce such a moving of air, with frequencies of about 15Hz. If you want it for a small church or most of the people have these at homes then you do not require huge speakers or subwoofers you can use the regular one for home use or church use.

The digital organ is different than the digital or the piano organ most of the people have the perception that organ is also the same as that of other musical instruments that have keyboards or look like it.

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